Global Flights is a full-service aviation consulting firm, offering comprehensive resources ranging from strategic planning, air service development, long-range assessments and planning, marketing, ground transportation, airport/approach technical development, air funding organizations, and community outreach and collaboration.


Global Flights’ origins run back to 1999. We are a group former resort and aviation executives specializing in the strategic development, strategy, and implementation of commercial air service and supporting programs. Our relationships, ranging from the world’s largest airlines to regional, low and ultra-low cost carriers, federal and state governments, and a range of industry development partners, allow us to customize solutions scaled from metropolitan to regional and rural.


We approach aviation consulting holistically, including airports, airlines, communities, regions, and stakeholders in our process and development. Success stories . We feel it is critical that we use all the available resources in a region to work with an airline to increase existing service or offer new service. Global Flights assists our clients in creating an air alliance (public private partnership) that typically includes airport management, business leaders, elected officials and representatives from community organizations and major corporations.


Our current client list includes governments, transportation authorities, DMO’s and EDC’s, airports, resorts, private businesses, and others. Over the years we have negotiated hundreds of air service agreements, developing new routes and dramatically increasing capacities to destinations and communities across the United States and Canada. We are also able to assist and facilitate supporting programs, including marketing, airport technical development, funding/managing organizations, ground transportation, and more.


The team at Global Flights has opened new markets, recovered others, opened airports, provided short and long-range strategic planning and roadmaps, grown others exponentially, providing holistic and comprehensive aviation solutions. We are able to size and tailor our service to the scope of your needs.